Mia Pacifier

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• Personalized Pacifier
• Engraved with the name "Mia"
• Available in colors: Aqua and white
• Available in 0-6 months
• Silicone, orthodontic nipple
• Ventilation holes prevent irritation by allowing baby's delicate skin to breath

• Clear protective cap to cover pacifier for storage
• Packaged in a sheer organza bag
• Third party lab tested at a federally approved lab 
   to ensure we meet all federal safety standards
•  Meets CPSC safety requirements

Never worry that your little one has been given the wrong pacifier again. Personalized pacifiers are perfect for little ones attending, daycare, church nursery, play dates or just because! A name pacifier is the most unique gift you can give. Babies will love our orthodontic pacifiers and parents will love the piece of mind that personalized baby binkies provide. Because the pacifiers are engraved, you never have to worry about the letters coming off.


This pacifier offers parents peace of mind and babies comfort. It exceeds safety requirements and the engravings will never wear off. The clear silicone orthodontic nipple is free of latex, lead, BPA, and phthalates, and the hygienically-formed, bite-resistant materials mean it fits snuggly in baby's mouth. Give your little one a stylish and safe pacifier. Pacifiers have been tested and comply with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Title 16 CFR Part 1511 requirements for pacifiers.

Inspect product before each use and discard at the first sign of damage, wear or tear. Always test pacifier by pulling on the bulb portion of the nipple. Product is to be used under adult supervision at all times. Pacifiers should be replaced when damaged or every 2 months. Do NOT tie pacifier around child's neck, as it presents a strangulation hazard.